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News on REACH

06 August 2012

JSC “Polotsk-Steklovolokno” supplies markets with the materials produced from continuous glass fiber, i.e. fibers, yarns, rovings, chopped fibers, glass fabrics and nonwoven materials, which are ARTICLES in accordance with REACH regulation.

As the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has recently included diboron trioxide (B2O3) into the Candidate List of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC), please be informed about the following:

Glass (CAS No 65997-17-3) is produced by means of mineral raw materials melting and has an amorphous non-organic macromolecular structure representing the structure of cations connected by oxygen ions.

Pursuant to REACH regulation glass refers to Substances of Unknown or Variable composition, Complex reaction products or Biological materials (UVCB). Glass composition is shown in the form of elements’ oxides only for practical purposes, and it in no way reflects glass composition as a mix of these oxides. In particular, this fact proves that E-glass (“boric glass”) products produced by JSC “Polotsk-Steklovoloknbo” do not contain diboron trioxide – B2O3 (CAS №1303-86-2).

As long as products made and supplied by JSC “Polotsk-Steklovolokno” do not contain any substances which tend to allocate at normal and predictable application conditions, and as long as glass itself is not considered to be dangerous and is not mentioned in the Candidate List of SVHC, JSC “Polotsk-Steklovolokno” does not have any obligations with regard to passing information to customers in accordance with Article 33 of REACH regulation with regard to diboron trioxide (B2O3) contained in the articles.

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