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High temperature silica materials

Silica materials are a superb high temperature insulation and can be used for a long time without changing of properties at the temperature higher than 10000С (material Puresil up to 12000С) and for a short period of time at higher temperatures.

Articles made of silica glass are extremely inert to the majority of chemical reagents, resistant to organic and mineral acids of any concentration even at high temperatures (except of hydrofluoric, phosphoric and hydrochloric acid) and weak alkalis, molten metals (except of Mg, Na, Si) and alloys. They have high chemical resistance to water and high pressure steam, are capable to absorb moisture, but are not split in the presence of water, are stable in vacuum.

The given materials are used as replacement of asbestos in different branches of industry: oil-refining, aerospace industry, in metallurgy and shipbuilding, atomic power engineering.

Silica fabrics

The enterprise manufactures a wide range of silica fabrics with the weight from 120 to 1400 g/sq.m. with the width up to 2 m with different types of finish improving their properties. One of the considerable sectors of silica fabric application — production of welding blankets, fire protective blankets, screens and curtains, casing as a thermal barrier for protection of the equipment, high temperature insulation of furnaces, turbines, screens for protection from molten metal splashes, sparks, thermal insulation.

Silica meshes

They are used as an effective filtering material for cleaning of ferrous and non-ferrous metal melts while their pouring into moulds. Usage of filters from silica mesh allows to reduce moulding defects 1,5-2 times, improve metal structure, increase its physical-mechanical and technological properties.

Silica yarns

Silica yarns are a superb raw material for weaving of tapes, fabrics, making of insulation braiding, sleeves, tubings, paddings, cords.

Silica fiber

The main field of application — production of needle felt, having a wide application in car building, metallurgy, atomic and thermal power stations, insulation in electric and combustion furnaces.

Ready-made articles made of silica materials

The most widely used are fire protective blankets designated for isolation of combustion at the initial stage of fire, as well as for extinguishing of clothes of an injured person by oxygen supply shut-off. Blankets are made from silica fabrics. Also JSC “Polotsk-Steklovolokno” manufactures other articles from silica fabrics, for example, thermal insulation sleeves for insulation of mufflers and other ready-made articles at the orders of the customers. 





Contents SiO2 94-96%

К11С6-68, К11С6-90, К11С6-136, К11С6-170ВА, К11С6-170ВАx2, K11C6-170BAx3, K11C6-180, K11C6-180x2, K11C6-180x3, K11C6-180x5, К11С6-170S250BAF, TWIST FROM 100 TO 250



Making fabrics, tapes, sleeving, braiding for high temperature insulation; for cable industry in case of exposure to high temperature up to 12000С; for sewing protective articles made of silica fabric in fire protection, protection in the process of welding and other types of technological equipment protection.



Contents SiO2 94-96%

КТ-120, КТ-180, KT-11, KT-11-TO, КТ-400, КТ-600, КТ-600-TO, КТ-600-V, КТ-600-CV, КТ-600-Cr-TO, КТ-1000, PS-1000-TO, КТ-1000-V, КТ-1000-CV, КТ-1000-Cr-TO, КТ-1400, КТ-1400-V, КТ-1400-CV, WIDTH FROM 82 TO 200СМ.

Contents SiO2 >98%

PS-180, PS-300, PS-300-TO,, PS-400, PS-600, PS-600-TO, PS-600-V, PS-600-CV, PS-600-Cr-TO, PS-1000, PS-1000-TO, PS-1000-V, PS-1000-CV, PS-1000-Cr-TO, PS-1400, PS-1400-V, PS-1400-CV


As a means of high temperature insulation at up to 12000С, thermal protection for different industries, for refractory base, gaskets and blankets, protecting from flame, splashes of molten metal, excessive heat, as a filler for composite materials, for the production of thermal insulation mats with basalt, glass fiber and other fillings.

Designations: ТО-thermal treatment; V, CV, Cr — impregnations, which give additional physical-mechanical and thermal insulation properties.


Contents SiO2 94-96%

КВ-11(6), КВ-11(9), КВ-11-БА, КВ-11-К, КВ-11(6/9)cr, КВ-11(6/9)km, КВ-11(11)

Contents SiO2 >98%

PS-23(6), PS-23(9), PS-23(6/9)cr PS-23(6/9)km, PS-23(11)

For production of high temperature insulation silica felt at up to 12000С, in exhaust gas system, as reinforcing material in different friction articles.

Fiber length 50-100 mm, diameter 6, 9 mkm.


PS-23(R) length 4,5-20mm, diameter 6, 9 mkm

As reinforcing material in different friction articles with temperature resistance up to 12000С.


КS-11-LA, КS-11-LA-2, KS-11-LA-1,0-ТО, КS-11-LА-1,5-ТО, КS-11-LА-2,0-ТО. WIDTH FROM 82 TO 88СМ.

Impregnation is possible to acquire some additional properties.

For filtering elements production, designed for fine filtration of melts of gray iron, ductile iron and high-duty cast iron and  non-ferrous metals while casting into single sand molds and  chill moulds.



Fire protective blankets, welding blankets, kitchen towels, thermal insulation sleeves, multi-layer insulation materials with temperature resistance up to 12000С.

It is possible to produce using fabrics of different surface density and  size, according to the customer, and also to produce using foiled fabrics and needle felt.


Equipping river-marine vessels with fire proof blankets, in household applications — as a means of first protection at the initial stage of fire development, blankets for welding jobs and high temperature protection of industry equipment, for thermal insulation of exhaust gas systems.  


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