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Fabrics for glass reinforced plastics. Hollow fibers and glass fabrics on their basis.

Construction glass fabrics are one of the types of glass fiber materials which are designated for production of glass reinforced plastics as a reinforcing material. Glass reinforced plastics on the basis of woven materials in comparison with glass plastics on the basis of non-woven materials have higher physical-mechanical properties and are used in production of critical parts and structures.

Thanks to the fact that the given glass reinforced plastics have such properties as high impact strength, temperature resistance, high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, antimagnetic properties, locality of destruction of a damaged area, high dielectric properties make their application irreplaceable in all branches of industry, in production of car body parts, yachts, launches and their decorative elements; different structures of any kind of profiles; composite materials; chemical tanks, apparatus, pipe work and so on.

Construction glass fabrics are made of aluminoborosilicate glass type “Е” with different weaving structure, untreated or pre-impregnated for improved interaction with polyester, epoxy, formaldehyde, epoxy phenol and other types of resins.

Among construction glass fabrics the enterprise also manufactures a wide range of roving glass fabrics.

JSC “Polotsk-Steklovolokno” manufactures also hollow fiber and glass fabrics on its basis at the special technology. Non-woven materials and fabrics produced on the basis of hollow fiber are used as a reinforcing material in production of light-weight glass reinforced plastics, which are 20-30% lighter on retention of the same strength properties.

JSC “Polotsk-Steklovolokno” also produces filtering fabrics and meshes made from E-glass. Filtering fabrics are intended for high-temperature filtering exhaust industrial gases at the temperature up to 300°С.

Filtering meshes are used for filtering molten aluminium and its alloys.




Т-10-14,Т-10P,Т-10/2-14 Т-11, Т-11-GVS-9, T-13P, Т-11P, Т11P-GVS-9 is produced in accordance with GOST 19170-2001 with 92-100 сm width

UTS-P-30А, СE-0-1 of  87, 90, 100 сm width



For the production of glass fiber plastics of construction application and glass fiber plastic goods on the basis of epoxy, epoxy phenolic, polyester and other modifications.

Roving: ТR-0,3/2-30А, ТR-0,7-30А, Rovistan-30А, TRSHP-0,7-30А, TR-560, TR-720, TRK-600

The fabrics are produced for using in different industries:              in production of spare parts of car bodies, yachts, launches, aircrafts, their decorative elements and constructions. It is used in production of composite articles.

Glass fabrics made of hollow fiber: T-15P-76, Т-24P, Т-45P-76, Т-300P-76

They are used in aircraft industry for production of light weight glass fiber plastics.

TG-200, TG-300, TG-430, TG-530, TG-600, TG-660, TG-800 ЕТ-700, ЕТ-1100. It is possible to produce on starch or silane sizing, with vermiculite coating.

They are applied in automotive industry and composite materials’ production.


Glass fabrics ТSFТ-4P, ТSFТ-4P-SFBМ, ТSFТ-4P-SGF Width (45х2) with a separating line 1,1,5 mm, (90), (100)

For the production of filters in technical carbon production.


Glass fiber meshes SSF-4, SSF-1,0,SSF-1,0-0(90) SSF-0,6-0 Width 90сm

As filters for liquid aluminium purification.

 Technical characteristics:
konstr_filtr_hollow.pdf Construction glass fabrics. Hollow fibers and glass fabrics on their basis
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