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Marketing department

We offer a wide assortment of glass fibre products. The geography of supply is more than 50 countries of the world.

Every day qualified specialists communicate practically with all the countries and regions of the world.

One of the main tasks to which we are oriented to offer to their clients not only the products, but servies which improve consumer properties of the products:

  • customes formalities
  • delivery by any transport means  

Head of the Marketing department

+375(214) 41-57-00

Marketing specialist on European region
+375(214) 41-57-69
Marketing specialist on American region

+375(214) 41-56-68

Marketing specialist on CIS region

+375(214) 41-55-61

Marketing specialist on South-East Asian region

+375(214) 41-58-25

Marketing specialist (advertizing activity)

+375(214) 41-58-10


+375(214) 41-54-20


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