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Dear Friends,

Dear Partners!

Please be informed that our company has run a bid for purchasing warping and sizing machines. The company “UKIL Machinery Co., LTD” from Korea has won this bid. The equipment was delivered within the time frame set by the contract, however it was of improper quality which further led to many problems. The technicians arrived with a 2 weeks delay; the equipment should have been installed and put into operation within 45 working days. However, till the present moment the equipment is not running and the delay with commissioning and start up is three months already.

The supplier keeps delivering extra spare parts within three months. This situation makes us think that the company has delivered to our address a set of units and parts instead of complex efficient equipment, and our factory is a trial platform for “UKIL Machinery Co., LTD”.

With this in mind we would like to warn you about possible cooperation with this company in order to avoid unfortunate purchases.

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