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29 December 2020

New furnace for production of basalt fiber!

A new furnace for making continuous basalt fiber has been put into operation today.

A distinctive feature of this modernized plant is the use of up-to-date refractory materials that allow to increase overhaul time for the furnace. A more powerful electric boost system has been introduced to ensure a better quality of melt and increase of production output. A new system of raw materials charging has been introduced and performed. Now the use of basalt stones of any fraction is possible.

Introduction of a new and modern basalt making furnace is a step ahead to get a better quality product of various micron value.

Please submit your order for basalt fiber (including cut fiber), rovings (direct and assembled), yarns, needle punched mats, fabrics and meshes.

Sales Department contacts: +375 214 41-54-24, +375 214 41-57-96, +375 214 41-54-30.

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