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28 May 2018

We are at «IEX-2018»!

In 2018 the international exhibition «IEX» was held for the 11th time and confirmed the status of the largest exhibition in Europe specialized on technical insulation. The venue of exhibition is Cologne, Germany (16-17 May 2018).

Trade fair topics of the exhibition:

  • Insulation materials for technical heat and cold insulation;
  • Insulation materials for fire protection, high-temperature insulation;
  • Insulation products for technical sound protection, pipe insulation and air-conditioning.

About 170 exhibitors from 24 countries of the world took part in the exhibition, 3 442 visitors from more than 30 countries were registered.

Joint Stock Company «Polotsk-Steklovolokno» was presented by the individual exhibition stand of 24 sq.m. with the exclusive design, typical to scope of fire protection and high-temperature insulation. High-temperature silica fabrics, basalt fabrics, constructional fabrics from E-glass, chopped basalt fiber and fiber from E-glass played the role of exhibits. Negotiations with potential consumers from 15 countries of the world and negotiations with the acting partners of Joint Stock Company «Polotsk-Steklovolokno» were held during the exhibition. Contracts are concluded, ways of development are planned.

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