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19 February 2014

New type of glass fabric – 3784

JSC “Polotsk-Steklovolokno” is happy to offer its new type of glass fabric – 3784. This glass fabric is made of aluminaborosilicate E-glass. Fabric is produced in satin weave and has a smooth surface. Thanks to this property glass fabric 3784 is the ideal solution for application of various coatings such as silicone, polyurethane, Teflon and others. This type of glass fabric with its properties is very close to texturized glass fabrics.

Fabric 3784 is a heavy material with a dense structure which is liable to minimum shrinkage. It provides protection from molten metal splash during welding, and good thermal insulation for industrial equipment at high temperatures (up to 450 0С).

Fields of application:
  • all types of thermal insulation and fire protection;
  • sound insulation;
  • base glass cloth for different types of coatings;
  • production of ready-made articles: fire blankets, welding screens, etc..





Weave type


 Satin 8/3

 Type of yarn




ЕС9 136x2

ЕС9 136x2

 Number of yarns per cm



17,0 ± 1

14,0 ± 1

   Weight per area unit, g/sqm

850 ± 70

Tensile strength, N/2,5 cm




 not less than 2900

 not less than 2700

 Width, mm

101,0 + 1,5/-0

Thickness, mm

0,75 ± 0,06

Loss on ignition, %

not more than 1,8

You can get more details about this product by tel.: +375 214 41 57 00, or by E-mail:

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