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Organization of glass reinforced plastic pipes production

Partnership  Offer

Name of the project

Organization of glass reinforced plastic pipes production

Description of conception

Branch: composition materials production.

Production : glass reinforced plastic pipes with the diameter from 300 to 2000 mm.

Availability of raw materials: JSC “Polotsk-Steklovolokno” produces glass roving which is a semi-product for glass reinforced plastic pipes (GRP pipes) production and uses silica sand applied as a filler in glass reinforced plastic pipes production.

Sales markets, market condition:

Consumption of GRP pipes in the Russian Federation in its infancy. The main customer is oil and gas industry. In case of development of production of GRP pipes at JSC “Polotsk-Steklovolokno”, it is necessary to consider the Russian Federation market as the most perspective. Today the requirements of the Russian Federation market are fulfilled by local producers (45-50%), suppliers from China and other countries (50-55%). In the case of the organization of production of GRP pipes at JSC “Polotsk-Steklovolokno”, preferential factor for the entry into the market of the Russian Federation is the proximity of the borders.

The negative moments are difficulties in competitive fight against the Chinese producers trading at the dumping prices, continuous falling of Russian rouble exchange rate, absence of connections between JSC “Polotsk-Steklovolokno” and JSC Gazprom, which is the main consumer of this production and has its own capacities for production of fiberglass pipes. In total there are about 20 producers of fiberglass pipes in the Russian Federation, generally for oil and gas branch.

Maximum annual output: (according to preliminary estimates) 45 thousand meters (13,2 millions USD) taking into account deliveries to the Russian Federation market – 30%, deliveries to the Republic of Belarus – about 10-14%, that is complicated by lack of regulatory base on application of glass reinforced plastic pipes in Belarus and by counteractions of metal pipes producers to the development of glass reinforced plastic pipes production.

The degree of elaboration: Pre-project activities

The planned volume of investment

The project cost is estimated at 9.3 million US dollars, including the cost of the equipment - 8 million US dollars.

Offer to the investor

Setting up a joint venture company for glass reinforced plastic pipes production in the area of JSC “Polotsk-Steklovolokno”.

(Possible contribution from the investor – technology, the production equipment). The share of investor participation is 50% and more.

Existence of the area for realization (the land plot, a real estate object)

It is planned to organize the production on the existing squares of JSC “Polotsk-Steklovolokno”.

Initiator of the offer

Joint Stock Company “Polotsk-Steklovolokno”,
211400, Polotsk, Vitebsk region,
Stroitelnaya Str., 30,

Tel: (+375) 214 431991, 214 415551.

Fax: (+375) 214 431991, 435415,


Contact person: Deputy General Director- Chief Engineer

Roman Bliznev

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