Joint Stock Company «Polotsk-Steklovolokno» Experience in glass fiber production and products on glass fiber basis Rus Bel 中國 日本の

Sales department

We offer our products to you and guarantee our care, attention and respect to everyone who cooperates with us.

The products ordered by you will be delivered by any means of transport, to any part of the world, on any accepted terms, within the agreed period.

Head of the  Sales department
  +375(214) 41-56-33
Silica materials
  +375(214) 41-57-96
Glass yarns and construction fabrics  
  +375(214) 41-54-15
Building and thermal insulation materials
  +375(214) 41-58-03
  +375(214) 41-58-54
  +375(214) 41-55-40
Electric insulation materials
  +375(214) 41-55-12
  +375(214) 41-54-02
Glass plastic article
  +375(214) 41-56-10
Logistics department
  +375(214) 41-55-72
Shipping paperwork   +375(214) 41-55-99
  +375(214) 41-54-20


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